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Surprise your dear ones with this birthday cap. A birthday celebration looks incomplete without a birthday cap and you don't have time to buy a birthday cap from your local nearby so you can buy a birthday cap with cake at Blue Heaven online cake delivery.

A party hat is generally a playful conical hat made with a rolled up piece of thin cardboard, usually with designs printed on the outside and a long string of elastic acting like a chinstrap, going from one side of the cone's bottom to another to secure the cone to the person's head.

In the early 1900s, party hats could refer to fancy head wear for a festivity. By 1969, the musical comedy Dames At Sea listed party hats alongside horns and gift boxes as items one might bring to a party. This appears to be from a tradition of children decorating conical hats at birthday parties, though it may be connected to schoolchildren being made to wear dunce caps when in trouble.

There is no one origin of pointed birthday hats. In fact, this distinctive headgear has been around at the very least since 2800 BC, when ancient Egyptian pharaohs donned it. It is unknown if pointed hats were adopted from Egypt or if they simply began systematically appearing around the world. Whatever the case, it's safe to say that not only are cylindrical birthday hats fun and cheap to make, they continue the proud tradition of many different cultures.

The point of cylindrical hats seems to be to elevate the wearer to the status of royalty. While in most places nowadays, we don't have royal families running around in traditional garments, the act of celebrating royalty (which a person becomes on their birthday) transpires on their birthday.

Note - This Product can be deliver with only cakes.

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