Cakes are the best requisite to celebrate special moments of the life. Well designed and prepared cakes are supposed to add special memoirs to your day. Blue Heaven Cakes act always as the main charisma of the event. No need to say that special occasions or celebrations are incomplete without the involvement of best quality flavorful cakes from our bakery. Order online cakes, our cake delivery services are available in several cities of India.

Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Cake is perfect for all and it compliments your celebration.This beautifully design Cak..
Black Forest Cherry Cake
Black Forest Cherry Cake - Give the love treat of this delicious black forest Cherry Cake, Whipped ..
Blueberry Cake
₹ 499
Surprise your love ones on their special day. This beautiful cream cake has a strong flavor of blue..
Butter Scotch 1
₹ 499
Yummy is the word that can define the actual taste of this butterscotch cake. This butterscotch cak..
Butter Scotch Cake
Butter Scotch Cake - An old favorite, love by all. This cake is layered with smooth caramel s..
Butter Scotch Cherry on Top
A delightful all-time favorite butter scotch cake with delicious icing and cherry on the top. Wish t..
Butter Scotch Delight Cake
Give the love treat of this delicious Butterscotch Cake, which is all time favorite of all and trust..
Pineapple Cake
₹ 499
A delightful all time favorite pineapple cake with delicious icing and cherry on the top. Wish them ..
Pineapple Cake Cherry on Top
Pineapple cherry on top. If it’s a birthday, anniversary, marriage or any other special occasion, c..
Vanilla Cake
₹ 499
Vanilla is one of the most demanding flavors in cakes; it has some delicate texture and delectable ..
Vanilla Flavor Cake
Vanilla Flavor Cake - Special creamy vanilla, very light, mouth watering and gourmet cake. It has a ..
White Forest Cake
White Forest Cake - Blue Heaven brings forth this special white Forest Cake for those who love to c..
Creamy Butter Scotch Cake
₹ 550 ₹ 500
Creamy Butter Scotch Cake - Delicious is the word that can define the actual taste of this creamy b..
Black Forest Paradise Cake
A Very Smooth & Creamy Cake with Red Cherry Decorations On Top And Chocolates On The Sides. Sen..
Butter Scotch Mountain Cake
Butter scotch mountain Cake - This butter scotch cake is deliciously made with whipped cream and ri..
Butterscotch Luxury Cake
Butterscotch Luxury Cake - Indulge the luxurious cake of butterscotch that will give you a trip..
Pineapple Luxury Cake
Pineapple Luxury cake with delicious icing and cherry on the top. This cake is all time favorite, w..
Stylish Pineapple Cake
Stylish Pineapple Cake - Get this stylish pineapple cake, layered with fresh cream with pineapple sl..
Butter Scotch Round Shape
Butter Scotch Round Shape        ..
Butter Scotch Round Shape 2
Butter Scotch Round Shape 2..
Choco Chip Cake
₹ 550
A super delicious cake that is one of favorite of everyone .The chocolate chip will make it more de..
Choco Heart
₹ 550
Choco Heart - Get a lovely and charismatic cake to declare your love. Charm your loved one wit..
Choco Heart 1
₹ 550
Choco Heart 1 - Get a lovely and charismatic cake to declare your love. Charm your loved one w..
Chocolate Coffee Cake
Chocolate Coffee Cake - Get this cake which is inspired from Italy as it name TIRAMISU which is..
Chocolate Flake Cake
Chocolate Flake Cake - Surprise someone special with a special way. This Chocolate Flake Cake is su..
Chocolate Flower Cake
This is something for all chocolate lover, celebrate your happy moments with specially and freshly b..
Chocolate Truffle Cake
Chocolate Truffle cake is a quick and easy yet exotic dessert of sugar soaked chocolate sponge sandw..
Chocolate Truffle Luxury Cake
Whether it's a birthday,  an anniversary or any other special occasion, gift this beautifully d..
Chocolate Truffle Stylish
Chocolate Truffle Stylish - This yummy delightful chocolate truffle cake is the best gift for the p..
Chocolaty Truffle
Chocolaty truffle cake will give irresistible sweetmeat for chocolate love. This is an irresistible ..
Coffee Cake
₹ 550
Coffee Cake - Those who have a knack of drinking coffee are simply going to love this coffee c..
Dark Chocolate Cake
Dark Chocolate is something which is loved by everyone. Made with mushy base and glazed with rich c..
Exotic Butterscotch Cake
Exotic Butterscotch Cake - This butter scotch exotic cake is rich in taste and it will surely make ..
Heart Shape Black Forest Cake
Heart Shape Black Forest Cake - Indulge your loved ones in the amazing flavors of the all time..
Heart Shape Pineapple Cake
Lovely heart shaped Pineapple Cake to state your love for her. A tinkle in her heart makes you skip..
Heart Shape Pineapple Delight Cake
We all love pineapples! They are juicy, savory, and simply delicious! We all love cakes as well and..
Pineapple Delight Cake
Pineapple Delight Cake - One of the oldest flavor, a pineapple cake is something which brings bright..
Pineapple Gems Cake
Make your celebration more memorable with this freshly prepared pineapple cake, beautifully designe..
Premium Blue Berry Cake
Premium Blue Berry Cake..
Red Heart Cake
₹ 550
Red Heart Cake - Red signifies love and what better way to express other than gifting your loved on..
Rich Pineapple Cake
Rich Pineapple cake is delightful all-time favorite rich pineapple cake with delicious icing and ch..
Rose Cake
₹ 550
Whether it's a birthday,  an anniversary or any other special occasion, gift this cake finished..
Strawberry Cake
₹ 550
Strawberry Cake - Delicious topping of Strawberry Cream, its taste, texture, sweetness, and special..
Strawberry Cake 1
Delicious is the word that can define the actual taste of this strawberry cake. This strawberry cak..
Sweet Strawberry Cake
Delicious classic strawberry cake is ideal to compliment any occasion, fresh handpicked strawberrie..
White Forest Cake 11
Delicious is the word that can define the actual taste of this white forest cake. This white forest..
Black Forest Cake in Heart Shape
The delicious taste of black forest brings refreshment to your taste buds. Creamy taste in chocolat..
Black Forest Fantasy Cake
Black Forest Fantasy is all-time favorite of almost everyone. This cake is freshly baked with three..
Butter Scotch Crunchy Cake
Butter Scotch Crunchy Cake - Whether it is a get together or a calm evening celebration with yo..
Chocolate Delight Cake
Chocolate Delight Cake - You cannot say no to this delightful cake, especially when it looks like t..
Delightful Chocolate Cake
Delightful Chocolate CakeProduct HighlightsCake Flavor: ChocolateType of Cake: CreamWeight Available..
Double Chocolate Cake
Double Chocolate Cake - A cake that will remind your loved ones of a chocolate bar! This divine Cho..
Heart Shape Butter Scotch Cake
Butterscotch is a scrumptious flavor that everyone likes. Keeping that in mind, we have created thi..
Heart Shape Butter Scotch Jelly Cake
Cake has a very close relation with the feeling of love. This butter scotch jelly made heart shaped..
Heart Shape Chocolate Cake
Want to ensure an everlasting smile on your Lover face and then here is something really very yummy..
Heart Shape RV
₹ 599
Delicious is the word that can define the actual taste of this red velvet cake. This heart shape re..
₹ 599
Whether it's a birthday,  an anniversary or any other special occasion, make the celebration mo..
Oreo Cake
₹ 599
Oreo Cake -  The Oreo cake combines chocolate and Oreo cookies to create a beautiful recipe th..
Red Velvet Cake
₹ 599
Red Velvet Cake - You can’t resist yourself with its lavish redness and garnishing of magnifice..
Red Velvet Cake 3
Red Velvet :- This delicious Red Velvet Cake is sure to win hearts...
Red Velvet Cake Design 10
This red velvet cake is completely covered with delicious whipped cream and the swirl of red velvet ..
Red Velvet Cake Design 2
Red velvet cakes can be your best choice for special occasions because such occasions deserve someth..
Red Velvet Cake Design 5
Red Velvet Design 5 - Special occasions deserve something extraordinary and Red Velvet Cakes can be ..
Red Velvet Cake Design 6
Red Velvet Design 6 - Every bite of this luscious dessert would fall into the deep recesses of mind ..
Red Velvet Cake Design 8
Red Velvet design 8 – One of the best designs of red velvet cake showcased in our online portal. The..
Red Velvet Heart Shape Cake
Red Velvet Heart Shape Cake - Looking for something unique, this pleasing combination of cocoa, butt..
₹ 599
RV1        ..
Stylish Black Forest Cake
Stylish Black Forest Cake - Black Forest Cakes are hot-favorites and bestsellers when it comes to C..
Yummy Mango Cake
₹ 699 ₹ 599
Product Details:Cake Flavor- MangoType of Cake- CreamWeight- Half KgShape- RoundServes- 4-6 PeopleSi..
Fresh Fruit Cake
Fresh Fruit Cake - Enjoy this lip smacking treat loaded with seasonal fruits, wispy cream and layer..
Butter Scotch Fruit Cake
Butter Scotch Fruit Cake is the combination of fresh fruits with butter scotch nuts and flavors whe..
2 in 1 Cake
₹ 649
Surprise your loved ones with one cake in two flavors. Get half kg of 2 in 1 cake with 2 different..
Black Forest Delicious Cake
Black Forest Delicious Cake - Get a lovely and charismatic cake to declare your love. Charm yo..
Choco Truffle Cake
Chocolate Truffle from High Quality Blue Heaven Bakery is a Rich, Delicious, Hygienically  prep..
Almond Cake
₹ 650
Almond Cake - This yummy cake can actually bring a bag of perfect happiness and sweetness in your sp..
Choco Almond Cake
Choco Almond Cake - The rich classic buttery taste of almond cake will surely make everyone’s ..
Chocolate Fruit Cake
Treat your friends and family with this chocolaty fruit cake, which is beautifully designed with fr..
Italian Almond Cake
A moist Almond Cake with pineapple flavor. Enjoy this scrumptious cake with your loved ones. Loaded..
Kitkat Truffle Cake
Kitkat Truffle Cake - This mesmerizing KitKat truffle cake will surely become your favorite if..
Chocolate Walnut Cake
Chocolate Walnut Cake - The most awaited part of a birthday celebration is the cutting of the Cream..
Premium Mango Cake
Premium Mango CakeProduct HighlightsCake Flavor: MangoType of Cake: Fruit and CreamWeight Available:..
Red Velvet Cake 4
Get a lovely and charismatic cake to declare your love. Charm your loved one with this delicious c..
Red Velvet Cake Design 7
Red Velvet Cake - Get a lovely and charismatic cake to declare your love. Charm your loved one with..
Chocolate  Truffle Designer Cake
Chocolate Truffle Designer Cake from High Quality Blue Heaven Bakery is a Rich, Delicious, Hygienica..
Fruits Cake
₹ 700
Fresh fruit cake which is absolutely delicious and looks very pretty with so many different colorful..
Kiwi Cake
₹ 700
Kiwi Cake - No doubt kiwi is an exotic fruit. This cake is especially for those who just love kiwi ..
Butter Scotch Hazelnut Cake
Butter Scotch Hazelnut Cake - This cake is beautifully designed for the special occasion. Gift this ..
Chocolate Ferrero Rocher Cake
Surprise your loved one in a special way with a lip smacking delish Chocolate Ferrero Rocher Cake t..
Pineapple Fruit Cake
Pineapple Fruit Cake - Treat your friends and family with this pineapple fruit cake, which is beaut..
Heart Shape KitKat Gems Chocolate Cake
Heart Shape KitKat Gems Chocolate Cake - Here we have the wonderful combination of kitkat and gems c..
Fresh Fruit White Chocolate Cake
Fresh Fruit White Chocolate Cake - Get a lovely and charismatic cake to declare your love. Cha..
KitKat Gems Chocolate Cake
Here we have the wonderful combination of KitKat and Gems Chocolate Cake, this will surely loved by..
Rectangular Butter Scotch Treat Cake
Here's a delightfully rich taste of butterscotch mixed with smooth caramel to spellbind everyone in..
Black Forest Square Magic Cake
Blue Heaven's  brings this delicious Black Forest Square Magic Cake . Enriched with ..
Chota Bheem Cake
The smart chefs know how to bring a big smile on the faces of kids and therefore they have come up ..
Cub Face Cake
₹ 900
Delicious yummy Cub Face Cake from the house of Blue Heaven adds upon a fun element to the celebrat..
Designer Kids Birthday Cake
Designer Kids Birthday Cake - Specially designed for your kids to celebrate their birthday party wit..
Doremon Cake
₹ 900
Doremon cartoon is one of the most favorite cartoon not only in kids but also in young kids, order ..
Monkey Face Cake
The mouthwatering monkey face cake will be any little ones fantasy. You can order this sumptuous ca..
Panda Face Cake
₹ 900
Delicious and very adorable panda cake regarding children. This kind of panda cake 's best factor fo..
Black Forest Photo Cake
Certain celebrations need something extra and to cater that, we have something really eternal and b..
Blue Doll Photo Cake
If the celebration call in your house is your daughter's birthday then, make her feel like princess..
Butter Scotch Photo Cake
A birthday, or anniversary or any other occasion gets complete only when a cake is cut and served. ..
Butterscotch Heart Shape Photo Cake
Tough times never last forever but tough people do! Send blissful cheers to your dearest ones decor..
Chocolate Truffle Photo Cake
Your wait for a Chocolate Truffle with your beautiful photo is over. This Chocolate Truffle is sure..
Dora the Explorer Photo Cake
Dora is a cute little Hispanic girl with who goes on adventures with her red boot wearing monkey, c..
Harry Potter Photo Cake
Harry Potter was one the favorite movies of children and even of all age group. Get his image on th..
Motu Patlu Photo Cake
Want to surprise your loved one who is a Motu Patlu fan? If yes, then you simply cannot afford to m..
Ninja Hattori Photo Cake
Children say that Ninja Hattori’s style is so cool; he is very fast and always helps his friends. T..
Oggy Photo Cake
₹ 999
Celebrate birthday with the dessert of happiness and see them wanting for more. Photo of Oggy at th..
Pineapple Photo Cake
Surprise your loved ones with a personalized Pineapple photo cake. Get your picture printed on cake..
Strawberry Photo Cake
A perfect treat for your taste buds! Whatever is the occasion, this delicious personalized strawberr..
Tom n Jerry Cake
On all kind of occasions, a cake is the perfect kind of gift. Tom and Jerry is one of the best cart..
Vanilla Photo Cake
This beautifully decorated fresh personalized vanilla cake will make your celebration rocks. It is a..
Angry Bird Photo Cake
Angry Bird Photo cartoon is so popular, throw a party with this Angry Bird cake and let everyone enj..
Ben 10 Photo Cake
₹ 1,149
Ben 10 Cake - Order this special cake of Ben 10 to surprise your son on his birthda..
Dark Chocolate Photo Cake
Groomed with swirls of happiness and balloons, this delectable cake is a heavenly bliss for your de..
Doremon Team Photo Cake
Doremon is the favorite cartoon of today’s children. Doremon and his friends namely Nobita, Shizuka..
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Cake
This Ferrero Rocher Chocolate cake is jammed with the sweetness of love. It’s a beautiful cake that..
Barbie Doll Cake
Have you ever wondered a combination a smooth touch of red roses along with the favorite cartoon ch..
Beautiful Dolls Shaped Cake
A superb choice in cakes for your Princess, a special Barbie Doll Cake. Get this charming and elega..
Blue Doll Cake
₹ 1,799
Bring in more joy and happiness, ecstasy and adventure to your daughter’s upcoming birthday party w..
Brown-White Doll Cake
It is time for the birthday celebration of your beloved daughter and you want to make it a grand af..
Dolls Cake
₹ 1,799
This is an impressive cream cake made in the shape of a Barbie Doll which is the most famous doll i..
White Doll Cake
₹ 1,799
White is the color of innocence, purity, and peace. This model of Barbie cake looks like the sy..
2 tier chocolate cake
Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or wedding days with the special 2 tier chocolate cake. This cake..
Teddy Bear Cake
₹ 1,999
Make the most beautiful moment to make your kid's smile on her/his birthday with the gift of special..
Pink Doll Cake
₹ 2,199 ₹ 2,099
If your daughter thinks that Barbie is the greatest fashionista in the world, she is probably r..
Designer Doll Cake
₹ 2,199
Delight your princess with a magical princess doll cake for her birthday party that is dimply perfec..
Three Tier Round Pineapple Cake With Stand
Three Tier Round Pineapple Cake With Stand - Order online today a delicious 5 kg, three tier, round ..
3 tier white pineapple cake
3 tier white pineapple cake - Celebrate anniversaries or wedding days with the special 3 tier white ..
Impressive and stylish
A party without a cake is no party at all! For the upcoming massive birthday or anniversary celebr..
Wonderful Wedding Cake
Wonderful Wedding Cake - Your wedding day is the most special day of your life. Make a remarka..
2 tier anniversary cake
This 2 tier wedding, reception or anniversary cake will be a perfect choice, make your cake table ..
2 tier wedding cake
This cake is beautifully designed and covered with fondant. It is 3 kg of 2 tier wedding cake, which..
Glorious Wedding Cake
If you are looking out for a fancy gift to surprise the couple on their wedding day, place an order ..
Chocolate Wedding Cake
Chocolate is a much loved flavor of cake and we have prepared this sweet 3 tier cake with chocolat..
₹ 1,799
₹ 1,999
₹ 2,199 ₹ 2,099
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