Send special chocolate gift sets online in India and celebrate the relishing taste in your mouth with each and every bite. Our chocolates gift boxes will definitely melt your loved ones heart. Chocolates help to celebrate the relishing taste in your mouth with each and every bite. Eating chocolates have a lot of health benefits as it makes you live longer and relieves you from stress. Chocolates make us feel better and could boost up confidence level. Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, a sure-fire stand-by in times of stress, a reliable source of consolation when life has let us down, and a mood-enhancer and romance-inducer in more positive circumstances.... And Blue Heaven bring for you a whole range of chocolate boxes online for your gifting.
5 Dairy Milk Chocolate
5 Dairy Milk ChocolateCondition:  New productAre you looking for an amazing gift to give your l..
5 Munch Chocolate
5 Munch ChocolateProduct DescriptionNESTLÉ MUNCH is the country's most loved 'coated wafer' range of..
5 star
₹ 99
5 Star Chocolate (Number of Chocolates 5)Are you looking for an amazing gift to give your loved one..
Cadbury Celebration 75 gms
Cadbury Celebration 75 gm - This Cadbury Celebration box is filled with lots of chocolates and color..
Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate 65 gm
Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate 65 gmCondition: New productA delicious chocolate is always loved by e..
Cadbury Celebrations Gift Box - 131.3 g
CADBURY Celebrations Gift Box - 131.3 gCondition:  New productA Cadbury box filled with lots of..
Cadbury Celebration 199g
Cadbury Celebration, 199gReference:  CC12Condition:  New productIf you don't have time to ..
Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk (150 gm)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk (150 gm)Reference:  CDM-01Condition:  New productIf you want to im..
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Gift (3 Piece)
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Gift (4 Piece)Condition:  New productFerrero Rocher Chocolates 3 piece..
Dairy Milk Bouquet
Dairy Milk Bouquet - A traditional rose bundle is very normal. Pick this delectable chocolaty bunch ..
Roses Chocolate Bouquet
Roses Chocolate Bouquet - All of you realize that red is the essential shade of affection yet here w..
Blue Heaven Silk Chocolate Bouquet
Blue Heaven Silk Chocolate Bouquet of Dairy Milk Silk Chocolates that is great to make any occasion ..
Ferrero Rocher Bouquet
We all deserve to include some sweetness in our lives. Why not make room for some delicacies with th..
Ferrero Rocher Premium Bouquet
Thinking of a perfect and thoughtful gift for your loved ones? This bouquet of chocolates set amidst..
Heart Shape Luxury Combo
Heart Shape Luxury Combo is one of the best combination of 1 kg heart shape chocolate cake and heart..
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